Cpuchain Faucet

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The best crypto currency for mining on cpu.

Cpuchain(CPU) cryptocurrency based on the cpupower mining algorithm.

Website - https://cpuchain.org/

Premine and ICO: none
Total number of coins: 105,000,000 CPU
Initial block reward: 50 CPU
Block halving: Happens every 1.05 millionth block and a 50% decrease.
Average block time: 1 minute ( 60 seconds )
Algorithm: CPUpower [POW]

Download Cpuminer-opt - windows

Faucet Balance: 25.135 | CPU 1 to 3 payout.

Donate to the faucet: cpu1qf4hnx95tp4a5x7ssdxduneymptvvy9vu3wamu5